Privacy Policy

We are committed to preserving and protecting your privacy whether you visit our website or connect with our employees online.

Our Privacy Policy is included below and details how we may use any personal information you supply to us or that we get via legal ways.

We Collect the Following Information from You:

When you use our website, you have the ability to gather and handle data. The following techniques of collecting have been approved:

1.1 If you register for information or make a purchase, we can collect the information you supply by filling out a form.

1.2 Any type of communication can be gathered, including traffic statistics, weblogs, location data, and any other type of communication. These facts are gathered during your visit to our site and via the use of any resource features available on our site.

1.3 We gather information through any communication on our website or with our workers.

Cookie Use

Circumstances may happen in which we need to collect information about your computer in order to offer you with the most relevant services or goods. The information collected is purely statistical in nature and may be used with marketers.

The information gathered about you is purely statistical. No personally identifiable information about our visitors or their usage of our site will be shared. No personally identifiable information will ever be shared.

Cookies are used to track general internet activity through the use of a cookie file. When this cookie is utilised, it is downloaded automatically. It will be stored on your hard disc and will contain information that enables the cookies to be utilised for data gathering. A cookie is used to enhance the services/products or overall internet experience you receive from us.

Any computer, regardless of operating system, has the ability to refuse cookies. To deny cookies, your web browser’s settings offer a “enable” button. It is critical that you realise that by refusing cookies, you may be unable to access some areas of our website.

If our advertisers utilise cookies, it is as a result of a user clicking on their advertising, and we have no control over their usage of cookies.

How Your Information Is Used

We save and gather information about you in order to better our services and products for you. In addition to this parameter, the following purposes may be pursued with your information:

3.1 Any contractual commitments we make.

3.2 If you request information from our website about the services or goods we offer, we may use your data. If permission has been given, products or services that may be of interest to you may also be considered a message from us.

3.3 Notifications on product or service changes that may impact our ability to serve you may be sent to you.

3.4 If we believe you would be interested in these new topics, we may contact existing customers about products or services linked to a past sale.

3.5 Additional uses of your data may include granting third parties authorization to use your data. You would provide this authorization in relation to unrelated items or services that may be in your best interests. We or third parties may contact you about this information only with your consent.

3.6 As a new client, we will contact you or communicate with you via third parties only if you give us permission. These communications are limited to the information you consented to receive and do not include any additional information.

3.7 Once approval has been obtained for our gathering of your data, you may withhold data that you do not wish us or third parties to use. We will always provide you the option to opt out of communications and the use of your or third party data by us or third parties.

3.8 Personally identifiable information, which may be used to determine your identity, is never shared. To protect your privacy, we only give statistical data about our visitors to third parties such as advertising.

Personal Data Storage

4.1 Locations outside the European Economic Area are used to store and process data about you. We may use these external locations to process data gathered from you. These processors may be employed by one of our vendors. This data may be sent in order to complete and fulfil your transaction on our site, such as by utilising your payment information or providing support services. We take all reasonable steps to guarantee that your data is secure and in accordance with our Privacy Statement, which is available here.

4.2 Our organisation utilises secure servers to ensure correct data storage. To ensure the security of transactions, all data is encrypted.

4.3 Data transmission over the internet will never be completely safe. We cannot and do not guarantee the security of information gathered or sent electronically; nonetheless, we take all reasonable precautions to ensure the highest level of security possible. Due to our inability to ensure security, you are providing us with information at your own risk. Where applicable, a password may be required to access some portions of our site. You are responsible for the password’s security and secrecy.

Dissemination of Your Information

5.1 Personal information may be shared to third parties in the following circumstances:

5.2 This disclosure occurs when we sell our entire business or a portion of it to a third party.

5.2.1 If considered suitable, personal information may be disclosed to any member of our firm, including subsidiaries, holding companies, and their subsidiaries.

5.2.2 Compliance with legal obligations may necessitate the disclosure of your information.

5.2.3 Information disclosure may occur as a result of credit risk reduction and fraud protection.

Links to Third Party Websites

Third-party links may be located on our site. Each third-party website that links to our site has its own privacy statement. You should review their terms and conditions. Due to our lack of control over these third-party links, we disclaim any duty or responsibility for their privacy policies.

Information Access

The Data Protection Act 1998 was enacted to regulate electronic communications conducted online. The legislation entitles you to view any information we hold about you. A nominal cost of £10 is required to obtain access to this material. This charge covers our costs associated with processing your request. The following contact information should be used to obtain information about the information we possess on you.

How to Contact Us

We welcome and encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments, or requests regarding this Privacy Policy. Kindly contact us via our contact page if you have any questions or concerns about our policies.