By mastering peptides, we can enable life-improving advances.

What exactly is Equine-research?

Equine-research is a market leader in the development and commercialization of peptide-based products and services. Additionally, we provide our extensive expertise of peptides for cooperation in drug development.

Equine-research is a leader in the field of constrained peptides and the developer of the CLIPSTM constraint technology. Our CLIPS peptides represent a new generation of biotherapeutics because they combine antibody-like affinity and selectivity in a tiny, totally synthesised molecule.

Latest News

Discovery of Peptides

Unusual technologies with previously unimaginable potential

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Eputable knowledge, one-on-one support, and rapid turnaround

GMP Peptides

Manufacturing of high-quality cGMP peptides in a timely and reliable manner for clinical studies

Epitope Mapping

Determining the precise location of your antibody's binding site on its target protein

Lead Optimization

Enhancement of the potency of peptide drugs and enhancement of their pharmacokinetic qualities

Peptide Libraries

Take advantage of a previously unheard-of range of library sizes, formats, and synthesis scales.

Personalized Peptides

Peptides of superior quality, made in accordance with GMP standards, and with ultra-rapid delivery times

Immunogen Design

A one-of-a-kind technological platform for the discovery and development of new immunogens

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